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PMT Ireland supply instruments that are used for particle counting, microbial air sampling, compressed gas sampling, ESD elimination, cleanroom monitoring, viable particle counting as well as other contamination control process’s.

Reducing or eliminating your contamination whether this is Particles, Microbial or ESD can improve production, reduce downtime and increase reliability in your equipment.

We are able to offer solutions for most particle counting requirements including cleanroom validation, 24/7 cleanroom monitoring, isolator validation, particle deposition, parental sampling, particle detection in water, oil, chemicals and various other liquids and general particle contamination investigations, in addition to this we are also able to offer rapid microbial detection in air and water, cleanroom sterilisation, and Electrostatic Elimination.

For more information, please select a solution that meets your requirements, if you are unable to see what you are looking for; please contact our offices where we will be able to assist you.

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