Particle Measuring

The Stand Alone Advanced Particle deposition MONitoring system (APMON)

The Advanced Particle deposition MONitoring system (APMON) is stand-alone and the first and only system that is able to measures the deposition of ≥25 μm particles in real time. Every ten minutes the APMON informs the user of the local situation. It can be used as an alarm, for training staff, finding root causes of particle deposition and even for setting standards on particle deposition in cleanrooms.


Monitoring operation of the cleanroom

  • Investigate local cleanroom quality
  • Determine events of (higher) particle deposition

Evaluate the effect of control measures

  •       - Cleaning
  •       - Clothing
  •       - Behaviour


Risk assessment during product exposure

  • - Improve working methods with respect to the products
  • - Determine the impact of measures to improve local cleanliness
  • - Consistency in quality
  • - Determination of cleaning frequency
  • - Create awareness of personnel

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