Particle Measuring

AeroTrak™ 9310/9510

The TSI AEROTRAK™ 9310 and 9510 Portable Particle Counters offer best-in-class features and versatility. They provide a 28.3 L/min (1.0 CFM) flow with 0.3 or 0.5 μm sensitivity.Compatible with TSI’s accurate ventilation probes that measure air velocity/temperature/RH, these products provide you with a complete solution for your certification needs. These particle counters can generate pass/fail reports for ISO 14644-1, EU GMP Annex 1, and FS209E. These products can be used as a stand-alone particle counter or integrated into a facility monitoring system like TSI’s FMS 5. Both Models 9310 and 9510 comply with all the stringent requirements set forth in ISO 21501-4. Backed with a standard warranty and TSI’s long-standing reputation for high quality, there are no other particle counters like it on the market today. 

Uses include the minitoring of clean room environments in pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical device, aerospace, automotive and many other applications.


  • AeroTrak™ 9310 particle counter: 0.3 to 25 μm
  • AEROTRAK™ 9510 particle counter: 0.5 to 25 μm


  • Up to six channels of simultaneous data
  • 28.3 L/min (1.0 CFM) flow rate
  • Complies with all requirements of ISO 21501-4
  • 10,000 sample record storage, 999 locations
  • Ethernet and USB outputs
  • Industry’s loudest audible alarm
  • Easy icon-driven touch screen operation
  • Reports for ISO-14644-1, EU GMP Annex 1, and FS209E
  • Allows storage and recall of specific tests/recipes
  • Displays up to three environmental parameters
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Lightweight
  • Stand-alone or integrate into a facility monitoring system
  • Clean room classification down to ISO Class 2

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