Control of Microbiological Contamination

The control of microbiological contamination is necessary to ensure that production and research meet the requested quality and safety parameters. Periodically VPHP bio-decontamination cycles should be carried out to maintain the required conditions and manage the risks that microbial contaminants are present to these environments.

The BioReset Plus is a bio-decontamination system that uses Vapor-Phase Hydrogen Peroxide as a cold sterilizing agent. It is lethal to all known microorganisms, chemically active against spores with proven kill rates, easy to handle and safer to use than other gaseous agents. This generator can be used either inside a larger environment or outside a smaller environment that should be decontaminated. If used outside it is necessary to have feed-through ports for inlet and outlet. BioReset Plus is able to run cycles in fully automatic mode through its sophisticated software and Temperature/Relative Humidity feedback and has precise control of the injection pump to maintain proper VPHP levels. Reports can be exported via USB port in PDF format and the entire system can be remotely managed through Ethernet communication.

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