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Maintaining an aseptic production environment or cleanroom is essential in the pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare and medical device industry. Whether for routine or continuous monitoring of Class A, B, C or D areas for particulate or microbial contamination in compliance with ISO 14644-2. To minimise the risk of contamination, monitoring with particle counters and microbial active air samplers is essential.

There are various methods of contamination control including a complete system for real-time monitoring of airborne particles, portable particle counters, viable particle counting, and slit to agar monitoring. In addition, PMT Ireland is able to offer state of the art Rapid Microbial Detection (RMM) methods that provide instantaneous feedback on microbial contamination in Class A aseptic Filling suites as well as bioburden and contamination in WFI and plant DI water supplies.

Our expertise extends beyond cleanroom monitoring as well.  We offer unique and affordable Vapour Phase Hydrogen Peroxide (VPHP) bio decontamination systems and a suite of products for rapid inspection of drug filled vials and syringes for both silicone lubrication and visible and sub-visible particles.

As a leading supplier of particle counting equipment compliant to ISO14644 and ISO21501-4 and microbial air samplers, PMT Ireland offers a range of instruments ideal for the pharmaceutical industry.

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